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LA’s New Outdoor Dining Rules

by Gary Cunningham
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Restaurants around Los Angeles have been confined to takeout and delivery service only since the early Christmas season. Now Covid cases are projected to begin a steady decreases as LA emerges from its worse wave of the pandemic.

Now, outdoor dining is back in Los Angeles County today, but what are the rules this time around?

Outdoor seating capacity is capped at 50 percent of previous levels. Restaurants with an established certificate of occupancy have a limit to the number of people that they are allowed to safely seat, meaning even those spots that managed to earn new permitting under Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Al Fresco program have a new, firm number of diners that can be sat at any given time.

Second, the space limits between tables has increased, from six feet to eight feet. Group sizes are also capped at six people per table, and they must all live within the same household.

The county has also said no to any live entertainment, and that includes televisions (so no Super Bowl parties). Furthermore: “Restaurants may not host receptions, banquets, or other coordinated, organized or invited events or gatherings.”

The full list of necessary COVID-19 protocols can be found here, as part of the county’s just-updated public health order. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot more to know about cleaning timelines, staggered shifts to keep employees from interacting too closely, and more.

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