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LA Vax Sites Run Out Early – Forced to Shut Down

by Gary Cunningham
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Many LA vaccination sites were originally planned to close Friday due to known shortages of the Covid-19 vaccine, however after burning through what they did have, many sites were forced to close Thursday morning. It left many people in line frustrated and filled with anxiety.

The incident underscores the severe lack of supplies as California tries to expand vaccinations beyond medical teams and anyone 65 and older. LA County hopes to expand eligibility in the coming weeks to teh likes of Teachers and other essential workers, but acknowledged there will be issues getting it to everyone.

The sites will reopen when the city receives more vaccines, but according to the mayor that probably wont happen until after the Presidents Day holiday.

The city received 16,000 doses this week compared to the 90,000 doses the previous week. The reason for the substantial drop isn’t clear to officials yet. Mayor Garcetti urged federal and state agencies to send vaccines to the city.

“When vaccines do get to Los Angeles, we know how to administer them… We have a great infrastructure set up… The problem is we still aren’t receiving enough doses soon enough,” he said.

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