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Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

by Michael McDevit
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Chris Heria (born December 21, 1991) is the Founder and CEO of ThenX fitness program which involves a workout routine with weights and calisthenics. He also founded The Miami Trainer, the Calisthenics Academy and the Calisthenics Evolution Institute. He is also an athlete sponsored by BarStarzz.

Chris Heria has built a reputation as a Street Workout Champion, Pro Bar Athlete and Certified Personal Trainer. He represented the United States in the Street Workout World Championship and is a representative of BarStarzz, a famous workout team.He has internationally competed as a bar athlete and has taught at various workshops and seminars. He offers online training at his YouTube channel OFFICIALTHENX. He also has many establishments in Miami, including The Miami Trainer, Calisthenics Academy and his personal gym.

As of September 2019, his YouTube channel has more than 1.2 million subscribers. He also has 921,000 followers on Instagram.

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